VAMA S.A.  is a company to dedicate the external trade from the year 1993, she carries out simple and complex operations, with Integral service, commonly well-known as door to door (Door to Door), for our products and of others.

In the national and international transport all the resources are used foreseen in the system MULTIMODAL (Terrestrial - Marine - Air), to give the merchandise in time and it forms. 

 VAMA S.A. carries out the structure of costs from the origin to the delivery place, this way the costs and time outs are minimized by lack of planning and forecast, placing its merchandise the suitable moment.

Our company carries out and she has carried out imports and exports of merchandises of great value like airships, for companies and Government Institutions.



 Integral Logistics

1- Advice and analysis of costs.

2- planning of the operaciones.  

3- coordination, procedure and execution of all    

     operative documentation.




VAMA S.A. informed him on:

- Resolutions emitted by the Central Bank of the Republic Argentine (B.C.R.A.)

- Regulations emitted by the Camera of Industry and Trade.

- Regional and Partial agreements that it has signed our Country.

- Requirements that should be completed by Disposition of the Organisms of Control.

- Norms of packings.

- Resolutions of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).