VAMA S.A. specializes in Formation, execution and setting in march of air companies, with  small and big aircraft, in its different modalities: Transport of passengers, it loads, mail and sanitariums.

Our services begin from the moment in that you decides to create the company and they finish with the airship enabled to carry out flights of character aerocomercial in the Country. 


VAMA S.A. also carries out:


ˇ        Effective ˇ legal technical Advice of the normative one, on the formation of the company of transport aerocomercial.

ˇ        Advice has more than enough election of the airship and costs.

ˇ        Registers Permits and restricted flight permits-transfers in Ferry.

ˇ        Offices of Customs and Permits of Shipment of airships, engine, and other accessories.

ˇ        Registration/ matriculation, Inscription of mortgages and Leasing.

ˇ       Permits of exploitation .

ˇ        Affectation of airships and crew.

ˇ        Manual of Operation and Instruction.

ˇ        Technical Representations with specialized personnel.

ˇ        Advice on sure aeronautical.

ˇ        Advice on Normative effective technique, for the qualification of the airship.

ˇ        Representations of International companies.

ˇ        A.T.A. - to represent before National Customs to air companies

ˇ        Technical Memoir

ˇ      Air Work.











Our company will advise you in the purchase, sale, leasing, of aircraft, motors, accessories and flight equipment. 

VAMA S.A. has specialized personnel to advise, to prepare, to carry out the administrations and permits customs officers to send airships, engine, accessories, flight equipment  to repair in guarantee concept or simply for inspection, calibration or rising of flaws that they cannot be carried out in the country.