We founded VAMA  S.A. in the year 1992 like a company dedicated to the integral service, sustained in the personal communication with the client, agility of management, operative forecast with appropriate solutions, in time, cost and it forms.

The necessities of the market, their permanent changes and our professional vocation, it also allows us to offer own products, of associate companies and of companies that we represent for the distribution and sale.

VAMA  S.A.can successful carry out operations of Trade International, from their origin to the indicated place, anyone is their complexity and multiple activities of management and development without misfortunes.

Our objective is to satisfy the demand of Services and Products that we market and hoping to be able to have gotten its attention when visiting our it paginates, we welcome him for future communications.


 VAMA  S.A this located strategically in Autonomous downtown of Bs.As., capital of the Republic Argentine, in the area of embassies, government's houses and at five (5) minutes of the international airport.