VAMA S.A. has personnel specialized and qualified to transact and to manage authorizations de customs operations, in their different Regimes, like Imports, Exports, Weathers, Transits, frank Zone, Guarantees, Samples, etc. 


To carry out works of quality, our company possesses personal permanent in the primary areas of customs, in communication with the base of operations. 


 VAMA S.A. carries out periodic controls according to its necessity, to know the state of its:

1.     Air waybill, Bill of Landing

2.     It dates from entrance or expenditure to the country of the means of transport that it transfers their merchandise.

3.     Guarantees and pursuit until their cancellation.

4.      Prosecution, pursuit and control of the stimuli to the Export.

5.      Balance in the client's bills.

        6.   Related services.


  Customs offices - Permits of Shipment-Storms - Guarantees-you Plant key in hand - Traffics -        special Works - Advice.